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About us

Why Choose Us?

We are a small business that believes in offering an honest, professional service. We won’t try selling you a service you don’t require. With over 20 years experience of working in the design industry, we have the knowledge to help you.

We don’t have a pricing structure. Our websites are priced to match your needs.

Once we have designed you a website we offer continuous support in helping you make the most of your online presence. Likewise, with our Social Media consultation, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


We work closely with you to discuss your requirements so that our design matches your needs.


We want to involve you as much as possible when we develop your website, which is why we design on a live server allowing you to see our progress.


Once our website is ready we continue to offer support and guidance on how to best maximize your online reach.

Who we work with

Who Tahum3D work with - Mexborough Business Centre
Who Tahum3D work with - Optical Home Eye Tests
Who Tahum3D work with - UK Nationwide Cleaning Services

Digital Ideas for a Digital Future

A personal and targeted approach

Every client is different which is why with us you get personalized service for your business.

Our Approach 

We know how daunting it is when you are looking for a website to be designed for your business or if you are wanting to build a social media presence.

You will be approached with words like hosting, servers, SEO, insights, keywords, algorithms plus many more when all you want is a website or a social media presence.

After an initial consultation with us, we will create a strategy for you that is clear and transparent and you will understand every step of the way.

Of course, we can talk all about the technical aspects and how we will build you an online presence and go into as much detail as you require.