Tahum3D (pronounced Tar Hum) was formed in 2012 after I had had numerous conversations with small business owners as to why they didn’t have a website.

One of the reasons small businesses I spoke to didn’t have a website was because of the cost and how after dealing with businesses offering a webdesign service they felt overwhelmed by it all due to the amount of ‘extras’ given to them.

We have all been there, gone in to a showroom for one item and come away with several because we were told our original item would work best with these other items when that wasn’t the case.

I have been in the Design industry for over twenty years when Graphic Design was known as DTP (desktop publishing) so decided the time was right to start my own businesses targeting small businesses and local community projects in advising the best way forward to getting a website.

I don’t believe in pushy sales talk throwing extras at someone who doesn’t need them.

Many of our clients will comment on my honesty when I speak to them in fact on quite a few occasions clients have used our service because they felt safe they were getting the best service from me because they could trust me.

Trust and honesty, core values in all walks of life.

So why the name Tahum3D?

Well when my daughter was only a baby (she is an adult now) she couldn’t pronounce the word ‘thank you’ and would always say ‘Ta hum, Ta Hum’ and it’s a phrase that always stuck with us so when it came for me to create my business back in 2012 the name Tahum was used.

The 3D side of the business name is because of my love for 3D modelling and rendering of computer generated images to which I’m fully trained to produce.

So now you know why Tahum3D was formed and why it was named as such but what about Tahum3D now?

Well we have helped many small businesses now have a website but also many small community projects now proudly have a website to which they are thrilled about.

If you would like to know more about our services please don’t hesitate to drop me an email.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Steve Cooper
Owner of Tahum3D


Just a selection of what some of our clients think regards the services we provide.

We have worked with Steve at Tahum3d on our website project and company branding. We are delighted with the results, and the ongoing support offered is first class. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.!
Safe Haven Dementia Centre
Thrilled with the service I received from Tahum3D. Steve built my site and was happy to answer all my questions in order to make the site optimzed to achieve best rankings on search engines.
The Clued-Up Bride
I approached Steve to redesign an existing blog I already had. I love the new design as its mobile friendly and Steve installed and advised me how to use various social media accounts to grow my blog.
Natural Living Diaries

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