Freeview’s new logo and brand change

Freeview’s new logo and brand change

Freeview is a free-to-air digital service which was formed in 2002 and now the UK’s most watched digital service.

Many TV’s now come with Freeview built in and depending on the area and equipment used can also be viewed in HD.

Part of being a major brand, certainly in the digital media market is keeping up with the times and the company behind Freeview, DTV Services Ltd felt it was a time to change the existing logo and rebrand the appearance to be more modern and cutting edge.

Freeview LogoAs you can see from fig 1 there was nothing wrong with the old logo but is more flat, simple than the new design.

The simplicity may appeal to many people and flat design certainly over the last few years has been very popular.

One thing about the logo in fig 1 is that the company text is placed on a red coloured background, the red being the company brand colour.

This has now changed and creative agency DixonBaxi were appointed to create not only a new logo but a new brand design, something I feel they have achieved with much aplomb.

Without being privvy to he client brief that was given to DixonBaxi I would imagine that the client wanted something modern, keeping the company branded colour of red and the ability for the logo to be able to be used alongside the different services Freeview offer such as FreeviewHD, Freeview Play or just Freeview on its own.

new-freeview_logoAs you can see from fig.2 the new logo is certainly very modern with now a modern 3d appearance and whilst keeping the main red appearance it has added a striking orange which attracts attention much better than the previous logo in my opinion.

Due to the new logo being mainly about using the letter ‘F’ in the name Freeview this means that the company can use just this part of the logo and over time people will instantly identify it with Freeview so once again this is a superb piece of design by DixonBaxi.

This is a bold move by Freeview to change the logo and brand design especially after so many people will have become accustomed to the previous logo but it is a move which will in my opinion be of a benefit to them both in the short and long term.

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