Happy GDPR Day – Wait – What is it?
Happy GDPR day

Happy GDPR Day – Wait – What is it?

I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing about GDPR now.

Everyone’s email inbox is straining under the weight of emails from companies frantically trying to get your consent to continue to send you emails.

So, what exactly is GDPR?

Thankfully it doesn’t mean Giant Ducks Pounce Randomly (although that might be more fun). It is an abbreviation of General Data Protection Regulation and is a new EU law that comes in force today (25th May 2018).

Is GDPR all about sending out emails then?

This is a very brief and only my own personal interpretation of the GDPR law and due to me not having any legal background so please don’t take this next bit as Gospel – quick breath and here goes.

GDPR gives you the power over how your personal data is stored. This means you have a right to know how a company stores your personal data, what personal data they keep, and you have the right to be forgotten (or have your personal data that is stored by that company deleted). If a company has a breach of personal data, they have to notify you (and of course the relevant authority).

Of course, it is far more complex than that and I do advise researching more but, in a nutshell, GDPR is all about protecting your personal data

GDPR emailsSo, why all the emails?

From today, any company that sends you unsolicited emails must have your consent to do so.

Unfortunately, many companies will purchase data about you from third parties and therefore send you emails advertising their product. This is usually referred to as spam.

Of course, they may obtain your data via sign up forms on their website or when you created an account with them.

Not all companies use purchased lists but it’s such a grey area so to cover themselves, companies are now sending these ‘opt in’ emails.

Isn’t this good for the public?

The simple answer to this is yes.

Whilst all these GDPR emails have been a nightmare and many peoples inbox is full of them, it does allow you to be more selective regards who you receive marketing emails from in the future and lists you subscribed many years ago and now have little interest in will no longer legally be able to continue spamming you.

It also gives you piece of mind that companies are now being far more careful of how your personal data is used and failure to do so can mean fines of millions of pounds depending on their turnover.

So now you have a very brief introduction to what GDPR is, please do further research as it is the biggest change in personal data laws for 20 years.

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