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How Can I Improve My Google Ranking?

Marketing, Small Business

It’s the question every business of every size asks, how can I improve my Google ranking?

Well if you had asked the question ten years since you would have been told all about keywords and how you must insert them into your site.

So you would presume that would be the answer now right? Well, it’s still partly true but the way Google now ranks your website has changed, and keywords, whilst still important, are no longer the main method of improving your ranking as they once were.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t have keywords on your site, we would still advise using them but now we have a more important factor that in our opinion takes importance over all other ‘tricks’ or methods of improving how Google ranks you and that is – content.

Content is now key and Google loves it.

So What Do We Mean by Content?

Well basically Google sends its robots to scan your site and if it finds new content it indexes it and boosts your ranking, simple as that.

This is why any new clients that come to us regarding creating a new site we always advise them upon completion of the site to maintain a blog or a news feed which will not only help the Google ranking but also let people know about your business so really it’s an important tool not only to help your ranking but also a good marketing tool as well.

Our websites are built using a professional version of WordPress, which makes it extremely easy to add new posts to your website.

Make Sure to Add Keywords to Your Content

Do your research and look at what keywords are relevant to your content.

If you are an optician then include keywords in your content such as eye tests, spectacles trends, etc.

Google loves new content but it has to be associated with the subject of your business.

This post you are reading is a prime example of new content and its relevance to Tahum3D as it discusses websites but discussing design etc is fine as its subjects that are associated with us, discussing what happened on last nights Coronation Street or who was eliminated on Strictly Come Dancing isn’t and therefore Google wouldn’t boost our rankings.

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