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How NOT To Fail at Social Media Marketing

Marketing, Social Media

All businesses in this modern age need to adopt a Social Media strategy.

Whether you are a large or small business being on Social Media is a must, even if it’s just one or two of the popular platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

Using Social Media and being active helps towards the SEO of your website and is an easy way to interact with potential clients/customers.

So you are a business and have a Social Media account but where can you go wrong?

Tahum3d - How to fail at Social Media Marketing - Don be Anti-socialBeing Antisocial

The clue is in the terms ‘Social Media’

You need to have an approachable manner when in conversations with potential customers/clients as an attitude online is just the same as an attitude when dealing face-to-face with a customer/client – it will result in them going elsewhere.

Use your Social Media account to broadcast your company, and create and join in conversations either on your own page on with others.

Keeping On Subject

It is easy at times to forget that when using Social Media as a business you are also likely to have personal accounts on these platforms so make sure that when you are watching a big sporting event or the latest soap opera you don’t start posting about it on your business Social Media account instead of your personal one.

Whilst knowing the latest gossip on Coronation Street might appeal to some it’s no point discussing it if your line of business is an Investment company as its unlikely your target audience is going to care much.

Commit to Social Media

Social Media isn’t a passing phase, it’s not something that is going away anytime soon in fact it will only continue to grow and grow as Facebook and Twitter become more popular plus other platforms appear on a regular basis.

With this in mind, you do need to commit to Social Media and build a long-term strategy because everything doesn’t happen overnight.

Depending on the size of your business some employ a full-time Social Media Marketer because it does involve a lot of work or they will employ an agency to look after their Social Media accounts.

As a small business, you should be able to run them in-house but be consistent and try and be active as much as possible.


It’s so easy to fall into the trap of repeatedly posting on Social Media about ‘Hire us, we are the best or ‘We are Number One’.

It gets monotonous and will guarantee your followers go elsewhere.

It’s one thing The Pussycat Dolls ask if you wish your girlfriend was as hot as them but when it comes to promoting yourself on Social Media a bit of humility will go a long way.

Not Tracking Your Activity

Most Social Media platforms have a tracking facility such as Facebook’s Insights which is a great tool to see how your posts are being viewed (or not being viewed) and therefore how you can change your strategy to adapt to these figures.

Tahum3d - How to fail at social media marketing - dont be a robotActing Like a Robot

Humans buy from humans.

It’s a simple fact that someone following you on Social Media will soon become bored with you if all you are doing is posting links to your website.

Whilst you may well be reading this article after being linked to it via our Social Media platform you do need to mix it up a bit and rather than continually posting links try and start a conversation going, showing a human touch so followers can see it isn’t just an automated program that is posting all the time.

Not Providing Quality Content

Whenever you post on Social Media you want to try and provide information to your followers that they would find interesting and hopefully educate them.

It is pretty pointless posting on Social Media that Kermit the Frog is green because most people already know this so post something which they may find educational and of course keep it on the subject with the service you provide.

Not Having a Strategy

The final factor to take into account is not having a Social Media strategy.

You need to formulate a plan of action and try to stick to it as much as possible.

A fine example could be that you plan to create a Social Media post once a day and then stick to it, even if it’s just once a week ( I would advise more) then make sure you stick to it.

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