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How People View Your Website

Web Design

The internet is a huge place and constantly growing.

In 1994 it was claimed that 3000 websites existed yet by 2022 we had 1.93billion and this number continues to grow at a rapid rate.

So with this in mind how can you get people to look and remain on your website?

Here is a quick example of why an engaging website is important!

  • 89% of people who search online before making a purchase
  • 60% of people go to the website of the product /service they are interested in
  • 75% of people admit that the company’s credibility is based on the website

Those numbers above alone are enough to show just how important having a modern, informative website is.

Here is another number of concerns though – you have on average 2.6 seconds to engage and catch the interest of your visitor.

Attracting Visitors To Your Website

Getting a visitor’s attention via an image or video under the main menu is one way to proceed but what about the rest of your site?

Many people fall into the trap of thinking a visitor won’t scroll down the page so it’s vital that once you have a visitor’s attention you maintain it by making sure to engage them.

Making Sure Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

The simple fact is people view and browse the internet via a mobile or tablet device more than they do use a PC or Laptop.

If a visitor enters your website via a mobile device and the screen isn’t responsive it results in an unpleasant experience and the chances are the visitor will leave.

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