Importance of colour in your logo

Importance of colour in your logo

When you are starting a new business you have many things to consider but just how much attention do you pay to the colour of your brand and especially your logo?

Do you feel its not important as nobody pay’s attention to your logo or do you think its crucial to get the correct colour combination from your logo as it says a lot about your business?

Hopefully you fall in to the latter category of people.

Well, just how important is the correct colour and not only that but to remain with that colour as it can be associated with your business.

The perfect example of associating a colour to the brand is the Coca Cola logo which is whilst having a particular font also is traditionally red.

Coca-cola-logo_blueThe Coca Cola red is famous with the brand and as you can see from the image to the right it just doesn’t look the same if its any other colour.

This is because the brain has been accustomed to seeing the Coca Cola logo in red and therefore gets confused if its any colour, especially blue as that is more associated with Pepsi.

So you can see just how important it is to decide on a colour for your business and use it as much as possible in the company branding, ie letterheads, uniforms etc.

It isn’t however just as easy as picking a colour you have to take in to account how that particular colour is perceived and therefore is that colour right for your business.

Again much like Coca Cola is associated with red this particular colour is associated with being aggressive and energetic but it is also the colour most associated with danger so if you are about to launch a Wedding business you would tend to steer clear of this colour and go more towards a light shade of pink which is deemed more romantic.

Likewise with the colour blue, this if often associated as being a trustworthy, secure and dependable colour and therefore many financial companies tend to use this colour.

When I was thinking of a colour for my company I went with orange because I feel its vibrant and warm, can be a fun colour but doesn’t have that danger element associated to it like red.

In conclusion look at the guide which is posted as the featured image of this article, decide which emotion you feel you want best associated with your business/service.

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