Media Day with Sally Carman, FoodAWARE and Abigail Taylor-Cooper

Media Day with Sally Carman, FoodAWARE and Abigail Taylor-Cooper

On Wednesday the 10th Sep 2014, we spent the day with actress Sally Carman, FoodAWARE and Abigail Taylor-Cooper as they were promoting various community projects that Food AWARE support throughout South Yorkshire.

Sally, who was born in Mexborough, South Yorkshire took time out from her busy schedule whilst she was appearing in Kes, at CAST theatre in Doncaster.

Sally Carman is well known for her roles in the hit TV series Prisoners Wives as well as Shameless and was more than happy to offer her support to the various community projects we visited and to try and raise awareness.

Our first stop was Malty Food bank, located at Addison Day Centre, Addison Road in Maltby and is being developed by Food AWARE, local churches and other partners to help vulnerable people across Rotherham.

Whilst at the Addison Day Centre Sally Carman also met Ad-Pro Rotherham, a social enterprise who support people with learning difficulties into work.

After our great visit to Maltby (which included many promotional photos as well as radio interviews) we set off for a publicity shot in Mexborough.

Food AWARE have been nominated for the Lloyds Bank Community Fund 2014 so Sean Gibbons, Managing Director of Food AWARE and Sally Carman gave a short interview in Mexborough about the needs for the community food banks and the great and vital service they provide.

After Mexborough it was off to The Wellness Centre located at Intake, Doncaster to meet some more wonderful people providing another excellent service to the community.

All photographs on the day were taken by Mexborough Comprehensive School student Abigail Taylor-Cooper who Food AWARE invited and is studying Photography GCSE so the day was valuable experience for her and we wish her all the best in what will no doubt be a successful career in Photography.

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