Render like Pixar for free

Render like Pixar for free

We have all seen the Pixar movies such as Toy Story as well such masterpieces as Monsters Inc, Monsters University, Cars, Ratatouille,Finding Nemo, Up, WALL-E, Brave, The Incredibles and Bug’s Life.

These movies are not only superb story lines but also incredible 3d animation.

What links all these movies together is they were created by Pixar, my own personal favourite 3d animation studio.

This year Pixar will allow anyone the opportunity to create movies just like they do and the best thing about it is they will do so for free.

The catch?

Well there isn’t one but the software used is called Renderman which is a render engine and will need to be installed into an existing 3d application such as Maya, Houdini, Katana, or Cinema4D.

The version that is being released early in 2015 will be for non-commercial use only but this is a great opportunity for students, small studios to evaluate the render engine or even just hobbyists who don’t wish to pay out extra for a render engine after already paying for the 3D software.

For more details and to register an interest in receiving Renderman, the free render engine from Pixar then click the following link – Register

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