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Scam Emails – How to Combat Them?

Marketing, Small Business

As a business, we don’t tend to get many scam emails as you would on your personal email account such as Royalty from an African country kindly wanting to give you $20m for you to look after for a short period of time.

What we do get however are scam emails offering to get us to the top of Google rankings, improve our SEO, and even build us a new website.

These kinds of emails are easy to spot because they make unrealistic claims, and poor English and normally don’t include a website to visit, but rather just a generic domain name they will have purchased for just a few pounds.

As you would expect these get put in the junk folder and deleted but what if you are a new business just starting up or even a small business that is wondering why you can’t seem to rise up the Google rankings and feel may be giving one of these companies a try, I mean it can’t hurt and they have promised to get you to the top of Google rankings.

Unfortunately, this is where the scam happens and after parting with whatever fee they have quoted you won’t hear from them again as they will have moved on to another victim.

These Scam Emails Promised To Make My Business Top of the Google Ranking

No one can guarantee you the top of Google rankings, whether it be a scammer or a top marketing company, you simply can not make assurances of getting the top spot.

Why? Well quite simply, only one business can be at the top of Google so how can someone claim to get you to the top, what about the other companies making these claims?

You can pay for Google advertising, which will get you to the top of Google because as a search engine, Google will put the businesses bidding for that top spot, at the top but where this fails is that many people scroll past these ads and look at the first results below.

These are known as organic search results and this is where you want to appear.

We recently made an article about how to improve your Google ranking (https://tahum3d.co.uk/how-can-i-improve-my-google-ranking/) in which we give what we believe is the best way of making a presence in Google and if you are a small or new business its vital advice.

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