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Should My Website Be Responsive?

Small Business, Web Design

Do you really need a responsive website?

It’s a question many will have probably dismissed as they probably think ‘do I really need a responsive website?’

In a previous post, we discussed how important it is for a small business (or any business for that matter) to have a website.

Clearly, because of the service we provide, it was going to be pretty obvious that the answer for that post was going to be a resounding yes but another thing to take into account is ‘should your website be responsive?’.

Well, first things first what actually does this mean by us posting about ‘should my website be responsive?’.

To put it as simply as possible what it means is that your website will change its layout to adjust to being viewed on different-sized screens making it as easy as possible to read.

Why is this so important? Well back in 2012 Bloomberg reported that over 1 billion smartphones were in use and they predicted that by 2015 that figure was expected to rise to 2 billion and will continue to increase.

So that means your website can be viewed by over 2 billion people via their smartphone, if the website is difficult to read they are going to go elsewhere, if the website is responsive then the layout will change and the potential client/customer can easily read your website.

Why hasn’t everyone got a responsive website?

Of course, responsive design isn’t for everyone and you should take the following into account.

1/ What is your business’s target audience?

If you are targeting people that are likely to be using a desktop on a regular basis then it really doesn’t matter about your website is responsive.

2/ How does your website look on a mobile device?

If you have a smartphone load up your website and take a look, does it feel easy to navigate? View the site as a potential customer, are you confident your service/products are clear to see? Is the text easy to read?

3/ Can you justify the costs of converting an existing non-responsive website into a responsive version?

Well only you can answer this and in all fairness, if you have access to your website analytics (if not appoint a company to run a test on your website and give you the stats or register at Google Webmaster Tools) and see how many people access your website via a mobile device, if its higher than desktop are you potentially missing out on these clients/customers.

If the amount of people visiting your website via mobile is growing then I would say can you afford not to have a responsive website?

As a rule, all our websites are designed responsively unless otherwise stated but in all fairness, most of our clients love having a responsive website.

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