A Website Planning Guide

A Website Planning Guide

Planning a website isn’t easy, it can be expensive and stressful if you don’t plan right which is why we have thought of a few important things to take in to account which will not only help you but also your website designer.

What do you wish to achieve with the website?

This has to be the very first step, the first thing you take in to consideration, what do you actually want the website to do?

Are you wanting the website to increase sales to your business or are you purely wanting website to get the latest new of your business out there?

You may be just wanting to create a blog and post about your hobby/passion and also look to getting your name out there for people to follow and read about.

Once you have this set you can move on to the next stage and that’s what to do with your visitors?

What do you want people to do once they visit your site?

Now you have decided what you want the website to do the next stage is linked to it, what to do with the visitors once they are on your site?

If you are  business looking to increase sales then maybe you have an e-commerce website and allow visitors to buy products from you.

If you are a business that offer a service maybe you want the visitors to fill in an online form requesting a quote for your service or purely a form allowing them to contact you.

If your site is just a blog then you will want visitors to interact with you maybe in terms of a comment on your post.

Once you have decided what you want the visitors to do on your site you can move on to stage three, how will the website be built?

How should I build my Website?

You are reading this article on the blog page of a Website Designer so obviously I would always suggest getting a designer to build you a website but you do have free options available to you in term of Wix, WordPress and if e-commerce then the likes of Shopify (although this incurs a monthly charge).

Now whilst I’m always gong to be biased I would never go down the route of a free website because these sites have their name plastered all it and the first impression is everything, would you trust a business that was using a free website builder?

With that in mind we use WordPress to build all our websites with but of course we use the professional software not the free version.

We feel WordPress offers the best Content Management System (CMS) and we can easily teach businesses that have used our services how to also update their own website so we also advise our customers to go with WordPress.

What now?

Well if you have decided what you want from a website, what you want visitors to do once on your website and how you want the website to be built then you are more or less ready to start to talking to designer (pick us, you know you want to) and discuss with them (us) your needs.

By going in armed with this information it will make life not only easier for you but also for your designer (us).

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