Working with the local community

Working with the local community

As a company we are based in Mexborough, a former mining town in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

We have clients all over the world but we always make sure that we are available to our local community to help get as many small businesses online and getting Facebook groups a chance to grow and get themselves a domain, webspace and an online identity.

We have worked with many local community projects and it really brings it home that much good is being done on our own doorstep and if we can help in anyway then we are more than willing to do so.

One of the many local community projects we have worked with is Food AWARE which is a  ‘not for profit’ social enterprise set up to find ways of redistributing surplus food.

We helped them modernise an existing website and have worked closely ever since to help increase the social enterprises online presence.

We are also heavily involved in Mexborough Business Forum which is dedicated to helping businesses in the Mexborough area to gain extra exposure through advertising in social media and a directory website.

The results have been very positive with many more ideas in the pipeline.

So why is working with your local community so important?

Well for a starters you have the satisfaction of working and helping people you may personally know or have had dealings with in the past.

You are helping the local economy. A strong local economy helps you both short term and long term because more businesses in the area means more potential clients for you.

You can easily visit them ‘face to face’ rather than email, phone or travel. Whilst technology has made it easier to connect and communicate with people you still can’t beat actually meeting a potential client in person. That personal touch you can add to any meeting helps a lot in gaining a potential clients trust.

When you are first starting a business you may wonder how you will make your first sale or complete your first job as you wonder how you will meet potential clients, well look outside, visit local businesses and see how your services could be attractive to them.

These are just come of the many reasons why I think working with the local community is so important and I would love to hear more from you so feel free to comment below.

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